Phone Repair

PCLZ offers a variety of repair services to get your device back in tip-top shape. We know how important your digital life is.




We specialize in repairing iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel smartphone devices. If you have a question about your specific device please contact us.

iPhone Back Glass Repair

iPhone Repair Pricing

6 – 7 Screen Repair$69.00
8/SE2 Screen Repair$75.00
8 Plus Screen Repair$79.00
XR Screen Repair$120.00
X Screen Repair$125.00
XS Screen Repair$150.00
XS Max Screen Repair$175.00
11 Screen Repair$130.00
11 Pro Screen Repair$205.00
11 Pro Max Screen Repair$325.00
Charging Port w/ Mic$89.00
Charging Port w/ Mic (iPhone 6)$44.00
Power Button$57.00
Home Button$47.00
Battery Replacement$47.00
Ear Speaker$37.00
Proximity Sensor$47.00

iPhone (5, 5C, 5S, 5E) Repair Pricing

5 Screen Repair$65.00
Headphone Jack$55.00
Charging Port$45.00
Top Power Button$55.00
Home Button$45.00
Battery Replacement$35.00
Ear Speaker$39.00

Android Repair Pricing

Pricing varies, please ask an associate about your particular device.

There is No Warranty on Broken Glass!